Hellema Packaging provides her clients with a high-end supply of hygienic, safe packaging from plastic foils, which is fitted to use in automatic, high speed packaging machines.
Our portfolio consists of:
  • Foil suitable for Roll wrap applications
  • Foil suitable for Flowpack machines
  • Foil suitable for Transwrap
  • Foil suitable for Doypack and Quadro Seal Machines
  • Foil suitable as envelope closure
  • Labels
  • Single film
  • Laminates
  • Metallised laminates
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High-end packaging portfolio

Roll wrap

The name suggests only round products packed to form a cylinder, but the machines can also handle rectangular and square biscuits.

Most basis machines carry columns of product sideways to a wrapping station where they are pushed into cut lenghts of film. This film is first sealed along the length of the pack and then folded at each end before being sealed by heat and pressure. The feed of the product is continuous but the wrapping is intermittent in action.

The first long seal may be a lap seal, which is made by pressing against the edge of the biscuits or a fin seal that is laid flat later, which is preferable to secure a more complete seal. The ends are folded and sealed immediately thereafter by heat and pressure to the sides of the product.

Hellema specializes in an inline application of an all-over acrylic/seal coating. This provides printable roll ends and a scratchproof surface.
Biscuits in rolls and squares


A continuously moving in-feed chain is loaded with groups of product (biscuits) and flexible film is drawn around the product as a tube. The edges of the tube are sealed as a fin with rotating sealers and at this point the product leaves the conveying chain and is transported in the tube to the end crimping, sealing and cutting station. The end seals area also fins so there is an excellent chance of having complete seals around the pack.
Packed well in a proper skin


Transwrap is a packaging variety that is used for the weighing, filling and packing of i.a. candy, nuts and subtropical fruits in a (printed) polypropylene or laminated foil.
A transwrap package is highly suitable for bulk products. The machine runs intermittently and preweighed groups of product are dropped into the tube of film. The machines are also known as bag packers and the packs are known as jumble packs.
The bags can be made with or without asymmetrical long seals. The end sealers are reciprocating in motion and in the same way as for the flowpack machines incorporate the cutting device.

The packages can also be provided with a Euroloch for use of hanging in a dislay.
Tailor-made weighing, filling and packing

Quattro seal standup pouch

During the production of a stand-up pouch, extra packaging material is folded inwards. This package has a flat bottom, and the filling tube usually has a square outflow. The dimensions of this square correspond with the base size of the stand-up pouch.
When designing a quattro seal package, the fact that the part of the print will be on the bottom of the package needs to be taken into account. Furthermore, part of the print image on the side of the package will not be visible.
Smartly packed and attractively presented


Hellema Packaging offers you tailor-made solutions for Doypacks, which can be applied in your packaging process.
A Doypack will provide you with extra attention value, since the package is presented in a standing position on the shelf. The most important benefits of a Doypack are:
  • Presentation of your product in a standing position.
  • A large printable surface.
The front- and backside of the doypack are sealed together at the top and side of the package. The bottom is sealed against the front- and backside.
Portable packaging