Hundredth ISO 26000 Self-declaration online

24-02-2016 The NEN ISO 26000 Publication Platform celebrates!The 100th self-declaration is posted online. Members of Kartoflex, manufacturers of cardboard boxes and flexible packaging, jointly completed the implementation process of ISO 26000. By placing their self-declarations on the NEN Publication Platform ISO 26000, the counter has reached 100.

Hellema Packaging continues BRC-IoP certificate

Our organization spends a lot of time and energy to continually improve and optimize our production of food safe packages. A BRC IoP certificate is thus the perfect match for us.

Health check at Hellema Packaging focused on results!

A periodical health test is more than performing a few medical tests according to Jos Kemna, controller and Personnel Director. It is a chance to make employees feel more comfortable in their own skin. The presentation of Hennie Oude Vrielink, of Oude Vrielink Gezondheidsmanagement (OVGM), during the FCB presentations in the stadium of Volendam, and the contact after that has lead him to decide to choose OVGM for the Health Checks at Hellema Packaging. And that was an excellent choice.

Hellema is taking part in ‘[Z]aan de wandel’ again!

Nineteen particpants of Hellema Packaging walked the ‘[Z]aan de Wandel’, the walk for charity in Zaandam, again. Together with colleagues, family and friends we walked the ten kilometers through the Zaanstreek for the second time on September, 6th.